How To Build A Successful Online Business

So how do you really go about building a successful online business? In my experience it comes down to copying people who already have got to where you want to be. See someone who runs a successful blog? Copy them. See someone running a successful YouTube channel? Study what topics they are talking about and replicate their videos.

You don’t have to literally copy someone else’s content or videos exactly but you can do something called modelling where you model how they do it because they have already proven that it’s a successful way of doing business.

I’ve personally done this myself with fitness and now I am applying it to building an online business. I am not as successful as I want to be yet but I am getting there and making progress each month. This month I started a YouTube channel because I see it as a great way to grow my brand. It’s funny because just last month I came across when I was looking for a review of Keala Kanae (owner of AWOL Academy – see video below).

At first I was convinced that this dude was just a scam so I found a review which was actually genuine and the owner of the review blog recommended Keala’s course.

1 month later I’m all setup with affiliate marketing, I’m starting my YouTube channel and really seeing progress. I just decided to create this blog so that I can start blogging, sharing my story and hopefully getting some free love from Google in the form of traffic but who knows, I’ll have to play my cards right and do things the right way.

My tips for success online are as follows:

Collect Leads

When I started learning about building an online business I didn’t see the importance of this however collecting leads is extremely important. When doing affiliate marketing you should learn how you can drive visitors into an opt in page first so you can collect their data. This allows you to communicate with them and potentially sell more products. Look at how big companies do this like Amazon and others. They collect your information and send you relevant offers that you will be interested in.

Generate Targeted Eyeballs

This is traffic in other words people. You need to generate targeted traffic which means you need to target the right kind of products to the right kind of people. For example you wouldn’t advertise a Lamborghini to someone earning minimum wage. They are the wrong kind of customer. If you were advertising a car like that you would target people with a high net worth, perhaps people who have a certain profession that is highly paid, or maybe people who already own exotic cars. This is very important for generating sales because if you get the wrong people looking at the wrong offer they will never buy.

Replicate Success

There is no need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to making money and building a successful online business. So many people wrongly think that they need to actually create a product that is brand new and this is not the case. You can replicate other peoples success. Many people who have gotten rich have actually already copied someone else and simply done it better. Look for other people who are doing incredible well and see how you can build off their success. It may be just using them for inspiration or it could be copying their product and putting your own design or spin on it to make it better for the end customer.

Stay Motivated / Find Mentors

The final point I want to make is joined with another. It’s that you need to stay motivated and you can do this by finding a mentor who is someone to basically keep you on track. A good place for this is actually YouTube where you can find virtual mentors. These people don’t even need to know that they are a mentor to you. I have “mentors” who I model and look for to gain inspiration and motivation but these people don’t even know I exist. Guys like Tanner J Fox and Alex Becker on YouTube serve as great motivation.

Thanks for checking out my blog I’ll be sharing more content just like this and keeping you posted on my journey to earning online!